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Saturday, August 04, 2007

new header

Thanks to Judy Perez and her simple instructions on fixing my header, I changed it! Then I changed it again....and it seems I have split RocketMans ear shall remain this way for now. I could have asked many people for help with this, it just happened to be Judy because she was blogging about it the other day. [and i couldn't find my picture of the cat in the batt, so it seemed pointless to change the header until i DID find the picture, which was in another picture file...of course]

I did this up in Paint, and added my own title....but blogger wants to add a title to it also, so I made bloggers title in a teeny tiny font and a color to match the cat.....


  1. I did not notice that you split his ear until you pointed it out. Your header is cute.
    You inspired me to try a new header on my blog. It worked pretty well.

  2. Vicky, I am glad I could help.
    you can remove bloggers title from the header. just go back to the header window you uploaded your image into. at the top it says blog title, delete what it says and save changes. it should be gone.


  3. I found your tiny font... but I had to really look, good job hiding it. Yeah for hacking your blog the way you want it to look!