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Sunday, July 22, 2007

no Spoiler here folks

But our copy of HP is here and on day of release!!
Hard to tell, but Steph was ecstatic about getting our copy on time. "What kind of facial expression is that?" asked Steph.
Anything else?
this is where is will reside on the shelf, after at least 4 of us have read it.[dan said, "why are you taking a picture of the bookcase??" "well dear", I explain patiently, "if you were into blogging, you would take pictures of this sort of thing too."]
Are you kidding??? Return this book? Not on your life!


  1. I think even the people who had copies with pages left out don't want to return them in case they are worth something on eBay! Steph got to read it first?

  2. to funny...I told Steph the same thing, that the books would be collectors items if they had missing pages!!!!

    Yes, Steph read it first, and now Ashley has it and she is 1/2 way thru, but then she is reading it during breaks at work, etc.

    I have sewing plans this weekend when we don't have Megan, but if I get the book, the sewing may not get very far on it's own.