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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Color Corner

I noticed yesterday that this corner of my sewing area sure looked colorful! Fabrics on the right, Perle cottons-in-a-basket on the left. [the white is elastic holding a plastic sheet over the balls of thread, i plan to change that stark white] Not to mention, you can't see the layer, very thick layer, of orange fur on the Airplane quilt. But I didn't mention that....guess i should have blurred out the bulletin board.... Those are words on the front of the fabric buckets ["shoe" box size]. Some of the buckets hold 2 or more colors, so I decided to put labels on ALL the buckets. These hold pieces that are 1/2 yard or less. Sometimes WAY less.
I was trying to figure out lighting for this area. DUH, I have a "med light" that gives me full spectrum lighting, and brightens things up! Haven't got it in a good place yet, but I will.
And here is my .99 cent Goodwill purchase of the month. It was a lid holder? Like this one, sorta Anyway, Sweets cut it down for me, and put the halves side by side to make it wider for the rulers and stuff. Works perfectly~! thanks Sweets~! And this is a WTF picture....Its my bedroom curtain[s] I made them from muslin, heavy, like canvas, stuff. That left them natural colored. That was BORrrrr-ING. So I got some Dylon from Wal-Marche and dyed them in the wash machine....along with some faded bath towels....brightened things up! Course you will have to take my word for it....this picture is dull...but you can see my pink wall in this picture.