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Monday, May 14, 2007

Orange Fish

Here is the start of the One Block Wonder I am making. I am using the fish fabric I go a couple of weeks ago. My 'design board' is a piece of flannel taped to a folding table. I am still tinkering with the placement of the hexagons.


  1. You have a yellow arrow pointing to the right. Is that planned? "This way to the loo..." ;o)

  2. I really like those hexagons. You go girl.

    My computer crashed and I'm feeling frustrated.

  3. Just beautiful - I can't wait to work on mine when I FINALLY find the right fabric.

  4. Darn it Dorothy You are right! I was trying to make an S shape with the yellow ones...back to the design board. I suppose if I clump the yellows tog, I will have a fried egg?? LOL computer...oh that's terrible!

    Computer Peach....look in the unlikely places for a print for this. I now see them everywhere! And look the book over again to see the different fabrics the author & friends used, some very "unusual" prints!