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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dorothy has decided to follow Fitzy and her daughter, Erika in remembering somthing from your past. They call it Flashback Friday. I want to play too, but I am doing it on Saturday because my husband Deleted the post I was working on last night.

Flashback Friday [on saturday]

I lived in Berkeley California, up in the hills near Tilden Park. Deer live in the park too. Sometimes they come down our street. One time a deer got CHASED out of the Park by one of our neighborhood dogs. Not a big deal, we knew the deer would win, but we weren't thinking about Peppy Weiner sitting on his bike in the middle of the street. The deer, followed by the dog, came charging down the middle of the street and WHAM, Peppy and bike went over like a domino. It happened so fast I am not sure what part of the deer hit Peppy, but I am guessing her front knees because Peppy wasn't hurt, just shocked. As I helped pick him I up I told him he would be the only one in our neighborhood who could tell people they were run over by a deer! [I was trying to keep the tears from flowing, he was a young one afterall.] The dog had leaped completely over Peppy, I remember how impressed I was by that too.

Peppy Weiner had a brother named Beaver....Beaver Weiner. I kid you not. ok, those were their nick names.

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  1. Great story! crazy nick names!!! Glad you decided to join in on the fun....