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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cat In The....Quilt

As I sat and soaked up some Vitamin D, whilst working on a quilt binding, RocketMan saw an opening, and he took it! I finished the binding before Rocket finished his nap, so I left him there, with warnings of pins to the humans wandering around.
Susan commented on my sewing area, and could I use the area over my machine for a design wall? Since I am rather short, probably not Susan, but.....thinking on this gave me an idea to try using the area behind my bedroom door, which is not exactly a high traffic area, so Thank You Susan!


  1. You're welcome! I had such a nice design wall in our house. It was foamcore, covered with cotton batting, and Paul put a frame on it. Here I have a *very* dink piece of foamcore with cotton batting, and it is just big enough to fit between the door and the bathroom door. Paul was a sweetie to put it up for me, though, so I attach ongoing leader-ender block projects there. =)

  2. Rocketman is darling! Your one block wonders look great.