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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Jars

Ok, so my post today isn't as fun as Teresas, but at least I have some visual for you.....I lined up the jars to put the labels on the 2 sugars, eyeballed it and stuck 'em. Think I did good. Steph and I decided that going with your average canisters was not the road for us, so we took the path that lead to 'freebies' and forked over to 'all the same size'. Have I mentioned that the property where we used to live has been sold? Well it has. Someone else now owns The Ugly Trailer. Hey, it was a roof over our heads. I just wasn't happy being nestled in the trees with no sky to see. [and thats the nicest way i can put how much i hated being stuck in the dark with a bunch of pecker poles for trees growing around us. not our trees, no cutting for us]

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