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Thursday, March 29, 2007

When the Girls are gone...

Mama posts funny pictures of them....well of Steph at least. That....thing on her chin is chocolate....brownie mix chocolate...boy did it bring out all the brown jokes.....and butt chin jokes...we are badddddddddd....... Today I sewed....and sewed some more.
Can't prove it, camera is with the girlies....remember they aren't here.
They are at a concert.
They do that a lot...a lot lot.
But since Ashley pays for it, it's ok me moi!
I worked on a Row Robin quilt....from a Row Robin Swap back in '04 I think.
And Susan....My DH has said some reallllly thoughtless things in years past, but he has gotten better about catching what he is about to say and re-phrasing it, or explaining what he means.

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  1. Wanted to say Hi! And lvoing the blossoms with yoyo's, so pretty, I need to work on my blocks..guess I need to go find when the dead line is...would be helpful!