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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

I made the "flowers" from yoyo's. These blocks are for a group quilt.
I am making a wallie for my MIL. This is from EQ6, their version of New York Beauty, called Rick Rack II i do believe. Anyway, I made the 1/4 block into a full circle for the wall hanging, Steph picked the colors and I am doing the sewing. Paper piecing and applique. I suppose I could sew the circle parts by machine, but I rather prefer doing it by hand.
And here is a little trick I learned by accident. The solid orange border in the picture above printed out as one copy[1/4 of the circle I needed], but I wanted all 4 to make the complete circle fairly even for Stephs left brain....not wibbly wobbly for my right brain. {hey, shes good at chemistry, which turns out to be mostly I complain not} Anyway.....I had machine-stitched-w/o-thread 4 pieces of paper stacked tog, along the printed copy pattern lines. Then instead of drawing a line to follow for the applique, I folded the.....blahblahblah......
See the bumpy edge of the paper on the outside curve?
Fold over there. Press.
Nice edge. No sweat.

2 more Tin Cushions for gifties.


  1. Love the cherry blossoms and especially the tip for the New York Beauties! Wish I had thought of that when I was doing my circles for sewing onto the background. Oh well, will remember your tip if ever I make another!

  2. The blossoms are darling. I'd like to make some.

  3. The cherry blossom blocks look terrific. I like the NY Beauty, and can't visualize what you are going to do with it, so I'll be interested to see. The TinCushions are great! I bought one of the Altoid gum things today. Contemplating whether to chew the gum, or toss it, since it was the tin I wanted. There was a 50 cent coupon or I wouldn't have gotten it. =)