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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I didn't know this was a Forsthia! Of course some of the shrubs along the property line were just sticks when we moved here, and I didn't see this place last spring. The camillia is blooming too, but no picture yet. There are at least 2 rodies and a holly too. I need to get Ashley to help me prune/trim back the plants on this side. Ashley likes gardening, I don't. This is Stephs decor. Sorry about the bright spot, but I needed the flash to show off the tape, the shiny, mirror tape that she put up between the black and blue. The art on left is by Ashley, on the right is the calendar Steph picked for 2007. I love decorating with calendars.
And this is a pile of b&w fabrics that friends have given Ashley for a new quilt. Thank You friends!!! Ashley plans to add a little red to it, so I tossed the shoe in for contrast. Think I will show DebR, she loves red shoes.


  1. Here I am! I see it and I like it! :-)

  2. how bizarre...i am totally flattered you came by!

    the to your blog didnt work so i was going to fix it this a.m., then go tell you i was talkin' 'bout you...

    dont think i will ever see red shoes w/o thinking of you!!!