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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scary Morning

Today did not start out very good. Both girls came into the bedroom at 7 am to tell us that they had just gotten a text message from Kacie [DIL] about someone in the house, call for help. So I did, of course, and Dan leaped out of bed and zooooomed over there, since it's not far. Of course the guy was gone by then, and by the time the police showed up, but there was evidence that he was looking for cash. Nothing to get the guy for, or even get the guy, but....

Kacie and Megan are ok, but I sure hate the feeling Kacie will have when she is alone in the early am after Ben goes to work.


  1. Can they afford a security sytem? Even basic door and window alarms and motion sensor lights will frighten off a burgler. And before that, even, they need to get some security system stickers for the windows. Think this is the same guy you mentioned that's been watching the house?

  2. Oh..very scarey. Time for a family meeting to discuss what to do in an emergency...just for peace of mind hopefully!