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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New House Progress

I don't have visual aids yet, because I have been here at home with a cold, and most days spending it with Megan, the little darlin' who shared her germs with me.
[colds and asthma don't mix well]
BUT...Dan and Ashley have made great leaps of progress over that the new house.
*Green=DONE Orange=in-progress*
1st...the final inspection was done on Monday and everything passed! We can now live in the house!
2nd....Dan got the plumbing all straightened out in the shower ~Mike the Mover's dudes were not having very good luck with it, so I told Mike that Dan would fix it, and he DID!!!~
3rd....Dan has also gotten as far as he can on the plumbing for the install of the new dishwasher, including adding a new garbage disposil, now he needs the new sink and fixtures to finish that all up. ~house didn't come with DW or disposil, so this was big job.~
4th...I am not sure what stage of progress the fridge plumbing is at, but I know the cupboards are moved around to make room for the larger fridge.
5th....Not sure if Dan will re-install the old stove vent, or get a new one, not sure if he knows either. Almost a complete kitchen remodel he's doing.
6th....Dan and Ashley also started putting down the laminate flooring we got for 2 of the bedrooms. We got some cheaper stuff for the bedrooms since they aren't high traffic and to learn how best to work with the stuff. {My brother was able to pass on some tips while he was here, thank you Scott [actually I have called him Scotty since my childhood, but I am the only one who gets away with it]}
7th...Dan had to fix an electrical problem here at THIS house too, after a full day at the other house. I had turned on the bathroom light and the bulb blew, which is no biggie, but it also knocked out the plugs on the same line, which shouldn't have happened. So Dan went hunting for the problem and found that the hot water line leak that he had found a few days before, had affected the power line that is in the same area under the house. He also found a ton of dead ants in the power box thingie. [not sure when the hot water line broke, but it had been "leaking for a while, a good while" said Dan. Great.]


  1. Maybe you electrocuted the ants when you blew the light bulb! You could open your own "EXterminate with EXTREME prejudice" business. ;o)

  2. hehe...I do seem to be good at "cooking" things....mice especially.