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Monday, January 01, 2007

Just a little Ketshup

Susan left a comment about me having an interesting assortment of gifts from my True Love....and this made me smile. Actually Susan, we are moving. We have bought a used double wide and a piece of property. But the home wasn't actually ON the property at the time....LOL It is now, and most of the County Inspections are done so it's almost liveable in, according to the County. But we don't want to live in it until we get a few things done to painting [easy]and a few alterations to the kitchen [not so easy]. We also pulled out the carpet and are planning to put down laminate. Not knowing what the heck we are doing in that dept, we are starting with some less costly laminate for 2 of the bedrooms, since they arent going to be high traffic areas. I hope we will have all the kinks worked out when we go for the more expensive kind for the living-dining rooms. The dining room is actually going to become the computer and sewing room so the floor will see a lot of rolling chair action.

My brother, SIL and 1 neice were here for a few days and they were able to pass on some good advice! I also got to enjoy my brother 'hang' with my granddaughter, Megan. She is not exactly the 'friendly with strangers' type, but he had her comfy with him in no time! That man should be a day care-er, he is sooooooo natural-comfortable with children.

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