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Thursday, December 28, 2006


This is the hallway, such as it is. The left side, the living room, color started out as Falling Star, but it was toooooooo yellow, so we had H. D. add more stuff to make it tan-ner, tho this picture still doesn't show it up well. The doorway on the left of Ashley shows some of the gray primer the girls are putting on the wallpaper to prepare for the Red in Ashleys room and something metallic in Stephanies room. The orange in your face there is called Summer Lily with a white splotch. The was the radio in the wall that Dan removed. Isn't that a nice patch job he did? Same hall, different flash mode.
Living room wall by the front door.
Kitchen, with a bit of tape up there. The door on the right is to the pantry.
This is my's very hard to tell that the walls are pink because it's a really pale version, Teacup, for those who might be keeping track....that's Stephanie taking the tape down.

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