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Friday, December 29, 2006

On the 5th Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me
5 H.D. purchasessssssssss
4 colors of paint
3 bed-ed-rooms
2 full baths,
And a wheelbarrow stuck-in-ma-car nice-e-leeeeeee.
Surprise....Steph and I met Dan at Home Depot last night and I asked him what he was there to get [on his way home from work]. Steph and I were after the paint for her room, black and blue....>G<>
Well Dan sorta hemmed and hawed and then mentioned that a new dishwasher would the easier to install than an older one......??? Who cares. I got to pick out a new DW.....and then I mentioned that what we really were going to need was a washing machine, so I should get that instead.....get both says Dan! I know there are other things we need more, like flooring, but I really hate to kick my sweet gift horse in his butt. These are his tips he is spending on moi!
*Both are Maytags.*
So the old DW will go to Ben and Kacie who really really need one, and the old washer will 'go with the trailer'. It doesn't spin as well as it used to, which means dryer overdose. I was also wondering if it would manage a level house vs. this tilted Ugly Trailer. [suffice it to say that this place was NEVER installed properly in any way shape or form.]

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