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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ho Ho Ho We Have Steps!

The front and back doors now have steps to! And nice clean skirting [the white at the bottom of the house] and a FLAT area in front of the house....well it's supposed to slop away from the house a bit. [nothing around our current place of abode is flat!]

The grass in front will become history, we are going for low maintance in front. We need a little fence, not sure if we are the white picket types though. I also have another idea for the 'shutters', the heavy dark part you see, but that is for summer when we can paint the exterior.Orange. The color of the kitchen and dining rooms. Not a very good picture, and now the blue tape is gone since the 2nd coat is on. The girls tried to start the living room, but the color we picked is to yellow so we will go back to Home Depot and see what we can create.... Now that Santa is on his way, I will wish everyone a happy day. We will be going to the Moms again for grub, but the real family time will be later in the week when my brother, SIL and 1 neice [of 2] come to visit. It's not about gifts, it's about quality time....and more grub.

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  1. Nice and cheery looking!Love the orange! Great steps, you will have fun making it yours! Merry Christmas!