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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 and a 1/2 days

Thats how long we were without power from the wind storm last Thursday.

No Power
No Water
No Phone, for 3 days

No Tree thru the roof? Priceless!

I will have to dig up the camera. I took pix of the 3 or 4 broken power poles in our block. All the biggest trees in the woods decided to blow over [trees here have very shallow roots, even the biggest ones look like they have been growing on a plate]. And they all took a major power pole with them, the sort with all the dodads and widgets and gizmoes on them.

First to come was the tree company with huge trucks to cut what trees they could off the lines. Then we had the power company come with 8 or 9 trucks and they spent 2 days working on our damage.

And now another storm is on the way, winds tonight the news says, and more this weekend?? I have no idea, I just turned on the tv. Guess I won't put away the propane heater, camp stove, candles and flashlights.


  1. I see the trees didn't knock down your sense of humor, either. That's amazing that so many trees came down and took out poles, even if they do have shallow roots. Hopefully, all the ones that wanted to fall down already did.

  2. Susan normally we have lots of skinny trees fall over [we call them pecker poles], but this wind left them alone and went for the big boys, as in~~ if I went around hugging trees, I don't think I could get my arms around them completely~~ and of course those trees are more damaging, and still don't have a tap root!

  3. Glad you avoided the tree through the roof! What a rough storm. Hope your area is recovering well. Merry Christmas.