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Monday, November 27, 2006


We have snow! Not much here near the water, but still enough to cripple most of the drivers in the area. This area of the Puget Sound has some tricky "convergence zones" and the snow seems to know where the county lines are.....seriously, the snow starts or stops at the Kitsap/Pierce county lines!! In this case it starts at the Kitsap line and goes north, so our schools were on start delay.

But even though the weather is supposed to be cold, it's supposed to be drier for the next few days which means Mike The Mover can start working on our property! So we meet with him today to get the fine details worked out!!!! [the big details are already done since we have purchased property that already has the water/power and septic tank in.] He had ordered the cement for today, but the cement company is not sending out any trucks because the roads are icy. Which is ok because Mike hasn't been able to get our place ready for the cement yet.

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