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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PMS and Holidays

I would like to know who told my body to be a bitch at the latter end of every month so I can smack them. Or better yet, who decided Thanksgiving and Christmas had to be in the latter part of the month? A Man? Figures!!!! Bring him out so I can smack him.

I dragged The Bird out of the fridge today to bathe and dump him in the roasting pan so Dan could take him to The Moms. [Our mothers live tog.] This bird had more than the usual ice chunks still in him.....he had a green gross thing still attached to his rear end area....and his liver-looking-body-part still attached. Gross. Hurl. So after messing with all that, I slung him in a baking bag, dumped him in the pan and stuck him back in the fridge. When I yanked him back out of the fridge to give to Dan, the freakin' handle broke off the right side and I dropped the Ugly Bugger. Good thing he was in that bag, cuz I would have just thrown him into the pan, pet hair and all. Good riddence!

We are having the holiday at our Moms' house because they aren't in the middle of moving and they will have a dining table. We are letting Ben and Kacie have our big fold up table for the gathering at their house. We will have B and K, and Megan of course, for the gathering of our side of the family in Dec.....usually after the 25th, but before the 31st, when other family arrives from Canada. Might even be at their house.

Speaking of house....Mike the Mover has ordered the cement for Monday.....but if the rain doesn't let up for a day or 2, he may have to cancel it. Rats. The cement is for the 'runners' that are what a manufactured home sits on these days. There will the 3 of them and they run the length of the house.

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