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Sunday, November 19, 2006

More from....

Last week when I dropped in on Dave, our friendly-everything-agent, to sign yet another piece of paper, he was talking to Mike the Mover. Seems Mike is rarin' to go on our house this coming week!!!! So between the holiday and the rain, we shall see what gets started.

I also had Dave load the 5 gallon bucket of paint he gave us, into the car. It's a nice green that will look great on the outside of our house. And it was FREE. Gotta love that. I also admired the SOLD sign on our house window. Dave even pulled the steps away from the front so no looky-lous can go inside.

I went to my fave LQS [local quilt shop] and picked up a yard of green for the House Warming Wallie. That took about 5 minutes! First choice of fabrics off the shelf was perfect. I now have it stitched to the sides, need to take a pic of it, have the whole thing sandwiched and have started the quilting!! I am doing the Christmas Trees pattern from this site, it's free.

Then Ashley and I went to Safeway and did the shopping thing, including getting our Turkey. Of course, the roasting pan is one of the first things I the bottom of a the bottom of a stack of buckets....which doesn't really matter because the oven is off limits at the moment. We had to remove the insulation blanket because of mice.....including all the sunflower seeds we had been roasting for them. As soon as the replacement part is installed, I am running the Self-Cleaning cycle, or whatever you would call it for a stove, to burn off any other stink we couldn't wash off.

Monday we start having Megan alot because Kacie just got a job. This should be interesting! Good thing I got our own car seat for her. Will need a potty chair for her too at the rate she is progressing with that part of her life as a little girl.

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