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Saturday, November 11, 2006

All The Dandy Blocks

I have all my House Warming Dandy Blocks, thank you everyone!
I know the pix are blurry, but I am still getting to know this camera.
I decided to make a tree shape of the blocks since I have 10 of the dandies...
But I kind of like the upside down look of it too!
Now i need to get some fabric for triangle shaped area on the sides.


  1. Oh I do like that tree think so wonderfully.....would be cool to bounce ideas off you at some point.

  2. At first I arranged the blocks in a square....and just couldn't get that magic feelin'. Now to decide which way to hang it...

  3. Do you have any embroidery stitches on your sewing machine? You could do a little star garland in gold thread following that rick-rack effect that the green corners give. Or couch (sp?) some sparkly yarn and add an angel to the top!