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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lots of little things

1. No news on the loan yet. We are supposed to close on the property on the 18th, that's next Wed. Yikes.

2. Sweet Steph is now 16 and she got covered in Silly String.........sign of the times~I tried to sing-song that rhyme in Rap.

3. Here is the block, of which I made 2, for a House Warming Wallie Swap I am making for 2 friends that are in various stages of moving. Actually there are 3 of us, but I didn't make one for myself. I plan to make my Wallie from just friends blocks. ['wallie' is my word for Wall Hanging] Of course the colors are richer in person....that Red is something else, huh Dorothy?


  1. Hey, gorgeous block! I am finished with two myself, your pinecones arrived yesterday in a body bag, you would have thought the fabric would have been a wreck from the looks of that package but it was just fine in its little baggie!!

  2. It's probably because if that little baggie that the envelope was shreaded. Too funny!

  3. I'm liking that block! Alexis