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Friday, October 06, 2006


In the mail yesterday was this card from my mother. Inside it says "hang in there" [of course] Mom knows the escapades I have been enjoying with getting Permits for the house we want to buy, and the lot to put the house on. Have you ever been in the camping section of a store and seen the mini sleeping bags and tents used for display purposes? I have always wanted at least one of each, only cuz I couldn't decide which ONE I'd want. Well yesterday at Fred Meyer, a local Food/Clothes/Hardware store, as I was headed to the paint section for a brush, there was this little end-of-rack-display with Coleman Sleeping Bags in it.....for dolls! I Kid you not. Of course I had to have one for Megan and I to play dolls....someday when she is old enough for that. Right now her fave toy here is this Woody. He might have preferred the blue bag, but I preferred the pink.

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