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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Drivers Ed & Dandies

On Thursday, we signed Steph up for a Drivers Ed. class and forked over the bucks.
She is the last of our children to do this, probably a milestone to knock over there.
All 3 have also driven Grandmas Car, that is now Moms Car, that is in the picture.
Another milestone, I'm sure.
[stephs idea to crop picture this way]
On Saturday, Ashley, middle child, says,
"Mom, you know you need to teach Steph how to drive before her first Dr.s Ed. class?"
Isn't that what the Drivers Education
Class is for?????

On the 6th day of Christmas,
my True Friends gave to me,
a block made by Jeri....
6 Awesomeeeeeeeeee Blocksssssssss
with and w/o flash.
Makes a diff in the color intensity, huh?


  1. Geez, Vicky, they REALLY are nice. Love the scrappy backgrounds. Alexis

  2. So happy!! They play well together!!

  3. And thats in the dark hallway, wait until they are up on a bright wall!

  4. Isn't it neat how their job is now your job? That happened at my job too. The "finance" people are doing less and less & I am doing more and more.... WTF!