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Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's House Plans

include me drawing a house plan....well a Site Plan....with lots of interesting things on it, like the water box, septic tank, toilet paper holders.....oops, that goes on the interior plans....

Seriously tho, I need to draw out the plans to submit to the Powers That Be. Ashley and I went over to the property yesterday and measured a bunch of stuff. And talked to the Neighborhood Nice Guy, Ken. He mentioned that Deb, the neighbor on the other side of us, {Ken just happens to live on the other side of us}, has 2 massive trees she wants to have removed. She would like to do it before there is another house on "our" lot, to avoid extra costs and possible problems!!! Ok with me. I told Ken we don't close on the property until the 30th, so go for it....but don't knock down the shop! {existing garage} Ken said not to worry!

(the trees will be cut down in sections anyway)(I think Deb is planning to exchange her mobile for a manufactured home in the future, so removing the trees are probably necessary.)


  1. We are new homeowners!

    What is the difference between a mobile & a manufactured home?

    We got a refurbished apartment - called a condominium.

  2. The difference between the 2 is....I have no idea. They are both 'manufactured', they are both moved on wheels....and who came up with the "Condo" word? And are your mortage payments the same as they would be for rent? For the same size place? I know we could rent a bigger place for the amount we will be paying in mortage.[am i spelling that right???]
    What a confusing world real estate is!!