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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today Was Not,

One of my better days.

1. Let dog out at o'dark:30, she runs of the porch and the next thing I hear is a rabbit scream. Yes rabbits can scream.

2. Loan Officer calls me, before 9 am. Our loan, which WAS approved, has suddenly been un-approved because it's a construction loan on a used MH, and not a new one.

3. There is a glitch in the water part of the permit process and I can't get ahold of the person to call. Which won't really matter if we can't get a loan, now will it?????

4. Which ties in with the fact that the phone has gone bonkers, again, and not all calls come thru....yada.

But we have a great Real Estate Agent going the extra 5 miles for us, so that is a good thing!!!


  1. SO sorry... I'll keep good vibes headed your way.

  2. Thank You....keep your mide on the vibes for the Health Dept calling and explaining the water problem....please!!

  3. Ugh. Just Ugh. Is the sun shining though? That'd be nice, huh?

  4. Keeping fingers crossed..and toes...gosh, I bet your nerves are about shot by now!