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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Messy Movers

This is like....packing central. I load the buckets with stuff from here, after the items have been washed or vac'd then encased in plastic bags.....or's also where my current quilting is dumped between workings to TRY to keep the cats off. What a freakin' messssssssssss......... This is a lighthouse my FIL made for me. We scrubbed it up yesterday so it can be painted....soon, I hope. It looks pretty good in the photo, but up close....I am not sure what color to paint it, in the end, but for now I will go with the tan-ish paint I already have. We hope to use it for the address post at our new house, provided we get it, and for a...well...a light.
As for the Permit and Purchase Process to buy the property.....Our closing date is supposed to be Sept. 30, but we won't have the Health Dept. paperwork back before then, so the Planning Dept. won't issue the Permits until we have the Helath Dept.'s ok on the septic, and the bank won't give us any $$ until we have the Planning Dept.'s permits.....Hopefully the owner of the property will be willing to wait that extra 1 or 2 weeks for her $$$......

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