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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here chin-y chin chin....NOT!

I appear to be losing my chin....good thing I had 2 of them. And my boobs are losing their support cuz my gut is shrinking....damn it, that means I'll have to start wearing a bra.

This is a shot Ashley took on their road trip a while back. She is standing in Washington looking across the Columbia River to Oregon. Wonder how much it's changed since Lewis and Clark's road trip?


  1. Oh Vicky, I'm happy with you! There isn't anything better that we can do for ourselves and our families than getting healthy. I've lost 42 so far, have taken a little break, but have 30 more to go. Do the very best you can do!

  2. The one thing I am not doing is jumping on the scale every day...of course it helps that I don't have one. the past I have noticed that it discourages me more than encourages me, so for me...Don't Do It! LOL

    I can SEE I am losing, that's what counts!