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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Family Gathering

Of course means eating. I wanted to take a picture of my brother [in orange] and my girlies, but he had his elbow on the table....gasp... so I asked him to get his foot off the table....Well that got the funny bones started! {why did I say that? Not a clue, I tend to spout out things bassawkwards!}

Then right after the shot of me and mom [me in purple, ignore the damn red hats] I joked "Oh there is something in your teeth...but look, grandma forgot her teeth"

I had to post this part of a picture because it looks like I am holding a mouse......see the 'tail' coming from under my pinkie???

Partial Group shot. My brother, my SIL, my DIL, my GD and 2 of my children.

These 2 ladies are The Moms, as we so fondly call them. My Mother, standing, lives with my husbands Mother, sitting.

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