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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh Darn.....

My husband wants to buy me a new sewing machine for my birthday.....Gee dear I don't know.....YES YES YES! My birthday is New Years Eve...always a party, was a tax deduction even way, way long ago on a planet....oh wrong show....
Anyway I am going to go test drive a Pfaff Quilt Ex. 2046....they have 12 0% financing too, gotta like that. Can even get one for 300$ less, one that was used in a classroom, but all the same deals with it of course.
I already have a Pfaff, am on my second one aamof, so I figure I can use my 1/4 foot on another machine....if it doesn't have one already that is. I will keep the current machine for others around here to use, like my mom who mentioned she wanted it since she threw her broken one away. And then Ben sews now and then and the girlies.....I am kinda worried about mom being able to figure the thing out. Guess if she leaves it on straight stitch she won't have a problem!

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  1. Lucky you! Hey Capricorn, from your comment on my scorpion post I figured you were a Pisces. Not true. Hmmmmm, and here I was ready to make you a monster fish. Oh well, maybe next year I can swing a goat.

    Cool on the coming up fast sewing machine acquisition!