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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Simple Still Life~ Round 2

Round 2~ One object and its shadow.
My daughter took many different photos for me, I picked this one.
Somehow it reminded me of a sundial.

Playing with the photo in plain ole Paint, I inverted it.
I loved it! Look at the way the tin is, that color?...texture?....surface?
That just grabbed me.
Going thru my stash I found the cotton lames.
Alas no purple...but I did have astro-green,
so I reverted the background back to green. <,)
If you click the pick you should be able to see the shine in the thread I quilted it with,
a rayon varigated. This is not done yet, haven't found the "right" binding fabric.


  1. Intriguing! Whatcha gonna do with it?

  2. I esspecially like the purple inversion. What a lovely background texture.