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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Crow Meowed....

We have returned from our road trip! It was not exactly what we hoped it would be, but hey, we can be flexible too. When we left here the sun was shining and it was HOT {don't laugh, for us NWern'ers it was HOT} First stop was Lacey WA at Shipwreck Beads.....They have a large building in an 'industrial park', by large I mean it got an Oh My Gosh comment from the girls. SW also has a really cool beaded path to the front door....well beads were mixed in with the pebbles that are used for the pebble -cement-type walking areas....I didn't get a picture of the beads we got, but 88$ later we hefted our bag of loot out the door.
This is where the title of this post comes in....When we parked at Shipwreck Beads we heard a meow....we all froze....well us girlies did, Dan just continued being Dan. Before leaving the house I kept asking about Precious, one of 2 Katz, and where was she? I like to see them before going away, to make sure they aren't trapped somewhere!! So after we thawed out, us girls started searching every where in the RV, every inside compartment and every one of them outside. No Cat. What is going on? Ashley then noticed a Crow....could it have been the impersonating? That is the only thing we could think of, so now you know, Crows can Meow!

After the bead shopping, we headed south on I-5 to Kelso WA where we took a right and headed for the coast, Pacific Coast that is..... What did we find there? Clouds. Darn it.
The photos ended up totally out of order....say la vee!!
These are Snoqualmie Falls {sno-qual-a-mie} The last stop on our trip, and the sun was shining here inland! These falls are in the Cascade Mt.s north of Mt. St. Helens and all that. They are quite impressive even this late in the season. During storms, they can fill the width you see between the cliffs and really roar. {I have only seen that part on the news.} This was the first time we have visited them. Ashley loves waterfalls... Our RV at Shipwreck Beads! First stop on the Road Trip for 2005.

This is Seaside Oregon from the air. Lewis and Clark traveled all the way to this area.
This is about all the girls wanted to get wet while at the beach because of the clouds and cooler temps. Those are Ashley's toes.
This the helicopter Stephanie and Ashley got to ride in. It was a "5 Minute Tour of the Area" and they loved it! This is how we got a photo of Seaside from the air.
So 5 days later that's about all we have. Except for the Mosquito Bites I acquired at the campground in the Cascades. The stay at the RV Resort in Cannon Beach, Oregon was great. Nice place, though Cannon Beach is not exactly RV friendly, in town, small streets. Parking for any vehicle is scarce. They do have parking for RV's and cars, along with free shuttle rides. Most people walk around the area. Very nicely kept town, at least the 'tourist' area.
Our next stay was down the coast at Nehalem Bay. That campground is huge! Around 300 sites along with an area where you can camp with your horses. Not right on the beach, which is something we like about Pacific Beach campground here in Washington.
After one night there we headed inland. We wanted to see Mt. St. Helens, in WA, but it was socked in with clouds too! That's why we went to the Falls, figured we could see them
no matter what the weather.
We did stop in Portland at a mall for the girls to shop {Oregon has no sales tax, they were hoping to save. Key word...Hoping.}
Overall, this trip was not as great as others have been, but it was still nice to get out and see different sites!

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