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Monday, June 27, 2005

My Son the Car Stereo Installer Dude

This shoul be the last picture in the line up, but....this is how the speaker box fits in the car. Ben pushed on it and it doesn't move, just like it shouldn't. Needs the speakers and painting....oh after another layer of fiberglass....

A few years ago Ben went to AZ to Car Stereo Installation school. During the 6--8--whatever-- weeks he was there he also learned how to make fiberglass speaker boxes in weird, oddball shapes, to fit into weird oddball areas of a car/truck/etc. This is the "box" he made Sunday with the help of his lovely bride, Kacie. Kacie had never done this before, but apparently she really enjoyed it! Me? I admire the talent, but hate the stink.....

Looks kinda like crooked boobs to me...gonna have to start calling this place the Crooked Trailer where we can't make anything level, even, straight, or symmetrical!

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