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Friday, May 13, 2005

Thinking back on the day

Today {yesterday by now} was full of laughter. I had picked Ashley up from school and while she was driving I happened to notice a deer in someone yard, so I said "There's a deer in that yard" and both of us started singing "Dear Liza, Dear Liza"....funny funny...

Then later Abby came in from the great outdoors with a bun in her mouth. I commented on having thrown out 2 halves of a hot dog bun, when Steph said "Why didn't you just throw the whole thing out?" And that set us off....tears were rolling down my face...oh I love to laugh with my girls!

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  1. Hey Vicky - I thought I was the only one who had to hide the batts from the catz. The last one destroyed (because I forgot to close the studio door) was a king-sized warm&natural cotton!!Jinx was rolled up in it like a burrito. I was able to save most of it but what a mess! Did you buy those white cotton bakers pants and smocks at the Navy Surplus? My favorites!I wallpapered my room with old navigation charts from that place.
    Thanks for the nice words about my work - put a link to your email somewhere on your blog...Love your colors too.