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Friday, July 28, 2006


I have been packing. Stuff. I have come across stuff. I have taken photos of some of it. I may have already blogged 2 of these pix, but I know I haven't intro'd you to Ken. Yes Ken is in the buff....he is buff....he is an original version from my child hood. He is displaying 2 sweaters my mom knitted for my Barbie and Skipper about....oh....40 years ago!!!! Ken is there for size comp, not really cuz he wants to show himself off.
I CrossStitched the Bluebird Peaches, that was a freebie from DMC a long time ago. And the VW Bug is even older! I painted that in 1976.....or '73....or....long ago that's for sure!!
Yesterday I vacummmmmned Photo Albums. I told my mom this on the phone last night. I heard the pause while she imagined paint drying....


  1. Wow, your 40 year old Ken goes a long way toward explaining the phenomenon of the 4o year old virgin. ;o) Cute stuff... vacuuming photo albums?

  2. How funny - yes that is ken in the buff.... I can't believe your mom knitted for your dolls.... Too cool.

    Lovely cross-stitch - get it framed!