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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More on Tea Pots and other stuff

I came across this tea pot a few weeks ago. Isn't it awesome?
Last weekend had a couple of "Heres your sign" moments.
{Click on the highlighted part to read about the comedian who came up with that line.}
Steph was standing in the kitchen, headphones on, looking at Ashley who was in the living room.........
Steph~ "I can't hear you"
Ashley~ "Stephanie...I was signing to you!"
And then about 5 minutes later.....
Stephanie is finally sitting at the table doing her homework.
This is for her Life Management class and she is the banker.
Steph~ "Now I need to make sense of all this mom"
Mom~ "Well if you can do that in 9th grade, think how you would do in the banking world.....There's money in banking you know"
Honestly, I wasn't thinking when I said that!
{those who know me, know I come up with those lines all the time, on purpose,
but not this time. }

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