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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Dog?

When Ashley and I left to go shopping, we had 2 dogs.
Abby the bathing beauty and her mom Page, the Jack Russell.
When we got home, the dogs greeted us at the fence. There was Abby and Page....and a clone of Page....a THIRD DOG!! it was a younger version of Page, almost identical!
How the heck did the dog get in the yard??
We asked the dogs, but they weren't telling.
I asked my FIL, he knew nothing.
But a while later he came over with a flyer he had found up on the main road.
Jack Russell pup
phone #
So I called and boy were they glad to hear their pup was ok and safe and we would bring her home!!
So for a few hours we had 3 dogs.


  1. oh...and her name is Roxy. That's the name of my FIL's dog, {but she's a great big orange thing with enough hair to weave a rug...for the white house!}

    The close connections that occur in my life can be amazing.