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Saturday, June 03, 2006

...almost in tears.....Prom Night, Part 1

A few weeks ago I hurt the forefinger of my right hand trying to get the garbage disp. to 'unlock' and work, damn it. [no i did NOT have it turned on]

Anyway. The hurt finger has not been that big a deal....until today. I needed to make 2 little alterations to the Prom Dress that Ashley is wearing TONIGHT.

I couldn't do finger said No, that hurts. I tried different fingers, etc. But this was not exactly the right time to learn how to sew all over again!

Luckily Stephanie was able to come to the rescue! Good thing I got those embroidery calendars for last Christmas! And her older brother later commented, "Good thing Mom taught us to sew". [mostly by observation, just like I learned, tho my mother has gallons more patience for teaching than I do.]

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