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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

06~06~06 What a date for a Happy and a Sad Dance!

Happy~~ because the RV has been sold!

Sad~~ because the RV has been sold.....

It's all part of the Moving Saga. We live on my in-laws property. They have to move to a better climate. That means they are selling the property. That means we have to move. In order to do that we had to sell the RV cuz we can't afford house payments and an RV......rats...pooh...wahhhhhh.........I am hoping that we CAN afford an RV again someday because I already miss it! I love Road Trips!

This picture of our Road-Trip-Mobile was taken by one of the girlies from the Helicopter they got to ride in last summer down on the Oregon Coast at Seaside Helicopters . Thats me standing and Dan sitting.

May the new owners be very happy in their RV.

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