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Monday, May 29, 2006

More Phones than Cars

Sheesh. We now have 4, count 'um, four, cell phones parked in the yard...oh wait, that was Ashley wandering around outside, right arm extended to the heavens, looking for 'bars'.

Quick....what picture came to mind when I said 'bars'???

If you pictured a bar, pub, tavern, then you are old, like me.

But for all those who know the 'lingo' for cell phones, Ashley was looking for service to work on the many options that come with her first cell phone. Dad got one just like it. Dad gave Stephanie and Mom his old one. That makes us a 4 phone family....well CELL phones. We still have a land line...

I tried to take a picture of Ashley wandering around outside, but the camera batteries laughed at me and turned off the camera. The nerve of them!

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