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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Break

Started Friday. Got Ben and Kacie all moved into their first home. {well maybe not all their stuff got moved yet, but the humans and dog are}

I was happily surprised by the amount of space they have. Usually when a room is empty, it looks big, like you could fit 3 couchs in it......Maybe it's my new glasses, but I thought the rooms looked a little on the small side when empty. But once the kids got the bed on the floor of their room, I was greatly surprised to see how much more room there is!! And my kitchen table looks smaller in their house.....

And the kitchen cupboard space? totally gellin' and lots.

The dog cleaning up under Megans highchair.....priceless!

Ashley has started the week out sick, but getting better. It rained yesterday, and sun shining today, go figure! Dan and Ben both had the day off and could have used today's weather yesterday!!!!

Good news for us in the moving dept......our kind of RV, the Class C kind, are currently selling like hot cakes, so it looks like we will be able to part with it fairly easily......well not that hoooo.

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