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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Break is almost over

Today is quiet. The girls are gone. Gone to a concert. Well....first they are going to a Super Walmart for a......whatever you would call seeing a band in a Walmart. Then they will go to the Tacoma Dome and hang out in the parking lot for hours before the concert. Ahhh to be young.

My in-laws are having a yard sale in a couple of weeks, so we have been gathering the good stuff together. I would say 90% of the items from the RV are headed for the sale, since I don't need a second houseful of stuff. 10% went to Ben and Kacie of course, including the other good can opener. I had planned to keep it, never know when you need another one, ya know?!

I would take a picture of the collection so far, but the girls have the camera for the concert. Just believe me when I say that my front deck area is covered with plastic tubs, stacked 3 high!

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  1. so....we bought a $1 can opener, it really pretty much sucks, but if you want, you can have the other one back. but until we get a decent'd be nice to still use it haha! oh...mostly i just wanted to say...we have new pictures up! finally!