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Friday, April 21, 2006

Other Bloggers

I read other blogs. People I know. People I don't know. People I have gotten to know. Melody Johnson is one of those people I am getting to know, via her blog, Fibermania. She is a kick! She dyes her own fabrics....and then shares them with her students in her workshops! How cool is that? She also uses a lot of color....I mean a lot.

Today she is showing off her cats. That got me to thinking about my cats. Which got me thinking about my dogs.

My cats: Rocket and Precious. Other wise known as RocketMan and Velcro.
They drink from the fish bowl. We have to replenish the water almost daily. What happens if the fish dies and I don't get another one? Will the cats dry up?

My dogs: Page and Abby. Page is a Jack Russell. Abby is her daughter whose gene pool is a mess! They like ice cubes. I am constantly dunking my fingers in my water glass getting cubes out. Good thing the ice maker is prolific. If it dies will the dogs dry up? Nah....they drink from the rain~run~off~bucket. They lick the condensation off the toilet tank. They drink from puddles in the yard.

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  1. Hey, blogging is fun and reading them is so interesting! I love to read blogs of people I know...its a daily window into their everyday life, just like maybe I was a neighbor! Its cool.

    Hugs, Michelle