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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


On Saturday, Ashley used a q-tip. She stuck it in her ear. Suddenly she could not hear. She freaked out! Dr. Mom to the rescue!

I put the flashlight in my mouth, then turned it around so the light was facing out.

I grabbed the plastic thingie that Ashley used to hose out the holes in her mouth where her wisdom used to be.

I stuck that in her ear. Not all the way in, duh! I used the curved end of it to pull on one side of Ashley's ear and used 2 fingers from my left hand to pull the other side of Ashleys' ear. The lobe part to be more specific. Then I moved my mouth around to get the right angle on the flashlight......It worked, I could see into her ear! Awesome!

Anyway, there was lots of wax and if we had just kept doing what I had been doing......

But no, we had to go to the doctor. Who sent us to the nurse. And the nurse wrapped Ashley up in towels, commenting, "I get a bit sloppy when I do this". Then she pulled out a Super Soaker, sucked up a couple of gallons of water and peroxide mix, told everyone in the building to stand back, aimed at Ashleys head and let 'er rip!

Water and peroxide may have been the only thing being hosed into Ashleys ear, but the stuff coming back out was a big mix of ear wax, used gray matter, blonde jokes [since Ashley is brunette], and toe jam.

It was a miracle. "I can hear again" Ashley exclaims!

So next time, Dr. Mom is going to do the Super soaker thing herself!

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