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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bumpersticker, etc

I have this bumpersticker. All things considering, it's not a very nice one. BUT....of course there's a butt....From my point of view the sticker is ideal. WHY? Because I have Panic Attacks. They cause Chaos. They cause Panic. They cause Fear.

So picture the Chaos when Mom has a Panic Attack while everyone is trying to go somewhere. Picture the Panic and Fear Mom is facing.
After all that, I'm done.
I do take meds for the PA's, as I refer to them. I no longer Suffer from them, we all just Live with them now.

Onward! 2 pix of the Butters. The poor boy cut a foot pad the day of Megan's party and had to be confined to the bedroom. He Howled. He Cried. He Barked. Ben had to put a towel up on the glass [who puts a glass door on the bedroom?] door to block the view so the poor dog could rest!

Before Megan could ride the toy [see the post below this one], Daddy had to put it together.

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