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Thursday, April 27, 2006

!!! Ashley passed her test !!!

Her drivers test that is. Yesterday was an Ashley kinda day. We drove off to the Dept. Licensing in Bremerton early in the a.m.

Parked in the reserved-for-driver-tests area, and waited about 12 seconds.

After all the outside checks of the car, they were off and I were waiting.

I played my Tetris game as usual. {have the Game Boy Advance, a pink one, and it's getting old!}

About 10 minutes later, into the parking lot they drove. The tester chatted with the testee for a minute then a great big smile broke out on Ashleys face....she had passed!!!! {I would have said "testee's face", but it was beginning to sound like a male gender joke.}

I would post a picture, but Ashley has the camera, because in the afternoon she got to go to a Marniers bball game with her BF. So now I wait til she gets home from school.

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