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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Son and DIL's First Home!

In case we have to go stay at BandK's, this is where our RV would be parked.
Or anyone else who happens to visit in an RV.
Looking in from the sliding glass doors you can see there are lots of windows in the living room!
This room and a couple of others, are being painted today before moving in.
The dog is the first picture is Todd, the Corgi.


  1. The DOG!? Where's that cute baby, in the doghouse? :grin:

  2. hehe....Yes she was in the doghouse. Actually she was 'home' with the other grandparents. We got to see her and them later when Kacie called and asked if we could bring over a screwdriver. Megan is a screecher and she found screeching in the empty house was awesome! Boy do we need to work on that scream!