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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun Beach Blocks

I was in [numerous] a block swap a couple of years ago with a Beach Theme.
{on the Quilting Forum at}
Mine is belowThe blocks have been waiting since then for me to have an Ah Ha! Moment....and I did!
I did I did I did.....who says that?
While suggesting this idea to someone else, I happened to think of these blocks and have decided to use them for this. What is this? It's going to be a fabric book for my Megan, ie: the granddaughter. I can do the quilting by machine or hand, and each block will be a different "page", except for the block I made for myself because I made it bigger in the first place. The backs of each "page" will be whatever I find in my stash, maybe solid colors for her to learn, or novelty fabrics for I Spy sort of stuff, whatever!! Many of the blocks already have buttons and other embellishments on them since each person/swapper added to theirs as they made them. The pieces of paper on some are the persons name which I don't want to lose yet.....yet.....LOL


  1. "I did, I did, I did saw a puddy tat"

    That would be Tweety bird....

  2. cool idea!

    I have an abstract beact quilt top ready to be quilted (Or maybe waiting for the "perfect border print to jump out at me." It is currenty a borderless top...)

  3. You could always start the quilting and add borders later. I do that all the time, makes for less bulk to haul around.

  4. I did not know to come back to the comments... (everyone does the comments & replies different...) I sned 99.9% of my stuff to a long armer, so the border needs to be there now or at lease before I mail it out...

    However, on Saturday I am getting a new machine - so I need to at least try to quilt on my own....