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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Other Stuff

Oh my gosh look at those suckers!! Those are Megans 2 top teeth, ain't they beauts?!

Some pictures of the Song Quilt....a "Nesting" round robin quilt ~~round robin quilts usually go around to each sticher, who adds their part to your quilt. A 'nesting' RR stays home, but you still have a theme to work off of. This theme was Songs, so I titled this quilt What Do You SEE When You HEAR a Song~~
I picked the weirdest fabric for the outside border and backing. Couldn't hand quilt it either, to tough, like a decorator fabric.
For Rainbow Connection, I did reading to go with the lines "The lovers, the dreamers, and me"
My girls and I love to read, and authors are dreamers.....See the Cat In The Hat 'book'???
That vertical stack
next to the Cat
is supposed to be books.....

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