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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dealing with Power Outage

The wind blew. The trees fell. The power was snuffed. Without power we have no heat, no water, no microwave. So we improvise. Fire up the generator on the RV, run a power cord thru the kitchen window, attach other cords to it and snake them thru the kitchen to plug in the fridge....or the heater, not at the same time. Instead of the mircrowave, we have the camp stove and extra propane bottles {see the fabric behind it? The stove is on the sewing table that lives in the kitchen}

The water bucket is for the toilet. We have other buckets under down- spouts outside to gather rain water for this purpose....we have lots of rain water. The toes and vacumn are for showing how large our heater is....LOL
The candles are for light....The ones in glass coffee cups work better than most others, safer too. The mug on the right is a Flintstone {ironic?} version that we got from one of the fast food chains years ago.

Our power was 'restored' by 4 pm Saturday afternoon. We are the lucky ones, some are still without.


  1. fun... I hate to lose electricity. I used to lose it quite often in my apartment - because of bad wires, now several trips and electricians it is better. The apt. has always had a different circuit for the AC - so I had a light and a power cord to the fridge hooked up in the extra socket. Now my tiny studio has three circuits - one for the left, one for the right and one for the AC....

  2. Sounds like this more thing plugged into this side of the house and we blow the power for the whole block!